HealthSouth Hiring 100 Health Care Professionals in Florida


HealthSouth is expanding at a brisk rate as it looks to hire more people with health care experience on their resumes

 to fill job openings at its rehabilitation centers across the country.

The Alabama-based health care group is currently recruiting in Ocala, Florida, where it will open its newest facility this December, according to the Ocala Star-Banner. The center will be the only in-patient rehabilitation hospital in the area, and will be staffed by a workforce that includes specialty doctors, physical, speech and occupational therapists and nurses.

HealthSouth is also working with the nonprofit Workforce Connection to help the company find qualified workers.

When you can help businesses grow or come in and get established, that is good for the economy, Laura Byrnes, Workforce communications manager, told the news agency.

The company has been holding informational sessions to attract professionals with the right qualifications on their resume. HealthSouth said it also is giving applicants tips on how to improve their chances of landing at job a the new center, which executives said includes having a positive attitude. 

Donna Howard, human resources director for the new facility, said so far HealthSouth is not having any trouble finding qualified candidates.

While hiring remains stalled in many parts of the U.S., HealthSouth said it continues to look for qualified workers at its 99 facilities in 27 states. And it appears hiring in the health care sector will remain robust over the next several years – with a new report from Georgetown University noting that the industry is expected to outperform all other sectors in the economy through 2020.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for registered nurses are expected to grow faster than the average of other occupations, by 26%, through the end of the decade. 

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