How to Get Hired in Another State

How to Get Hired in Another State

So, you’re interested in finding work in another state. Unfortunately, the process is a bit trickier than simply sending in a resume and waiting to hear back from hiring managers. You need to consider new homes, new friends, and an entirely new way of life. Oh, and not to mention all of the work-related transitions that come with the move.

Luckily, with a little guidance this transition will not only be smooth, but also jumpstart your entire career. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you look to get hired in another state.

Market Multiple Job-Related Skills

No matter the industry or position, employers want highly skilled workers. However, if you’re applying for a job in another state, you can’t just have one great skill—you need a variety of them.

The reason why is quite simple: if you only have one primary skill, the employer can find an easy replacement locally. For example, if they need a talented writer, they can likely hire someone within a 30-mile radius of their office—quickly. Doing so saves the employer the headache of flying candidates out for interviews, negotiating, and dealing with moving costs.

But if you can write web copy, manage freelance writers, and bring in more customers with your writing, employers will gladly book a flight for your interview.

Be a Personable Team Player

Employers are looking for candidates who can contribute to their company, both from an interpersonal and an intellectual standpoint. So not only do you need to be a fit for the role, you also need to have exceptional interpersonal skills. 

If you’re haven’t worked with many teams before, try volunteer work. You can pick up a job near your home, and many of the roles put you face-to-face with other people. Also, you generally have a very specific function that’s part of a much bigger plan.

Being a good cultural fit is nearly as important as having the right skill sets. If hiring managers can easily picture you joining the team, contributing to office morale, and working well with other employees, they’ll jump at the chance to recruit you away from your home state.

Be Quick to Adapt

Another thing to consider is your ability to adapt to new locations and tasks. Employers who hire out-of-state candidates are looking for someone who can support the company, but also adapt to new tasks and new locations, even if that means moving again down the road.

So ask yourself: can you really handle living in a different state? How do you cope with completely new tasks? Does a new environment and new set of challenges drive you or stress you out? If you think you’re up for the test, dive in head first and be ready to adapt from day one.

If you’ve only lived, gone to school, and worked in the same location all of your life, moving to another destination for work might be shocking at first. But that feeling will wear off. After a few weeks, you’ll feel settled and right at home. Adaptation should never get between you and a great opportunity to get hired for an excellent position.

Use Your Personal Network

Now more than ever, your contacts are the most crucial resource for your job search. So if you have any friends, family members, or Facebook connections that live in the state that you’re applying to, reach out to them. Even if they don’t know of any job openings, they’ll likely give you tips on areas that are family-friendly, industries that are on the rise, or connections they have to your line of work. A quick email might be your ticket to a new job.

Plan Everything

Ok, “everything” is a bit broad. But if you’re moving your life, you need to be fully prepared—and fully committed. Take these considerations to mind:

–       Identify your career goals. Where do you want to be in 5, 10, or 20 years? Will this move help you get there?

–       Choose your favorite locations. What cities or towns could you realistically call home?

–       Figure out what you want. How big of a pay cut can you afford? What kind of office culture do you need? How much physical labor can you handle on the job? Answer these questions so you know exactly what to ask about during an interview.

And lastly, make sure your resume and cover letter are completely up to date. You’ll never get a call back if you’re application is boring hiring managers to sleep. Let LiveCareer help you write a top-of-the-line resume and cover letter, so you can make the move as soon as possible.

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Tips by State Categories

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