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Many people use the “shot gun approach”– they apply to every job they find on the web that is remotely related to their experience. Statistics show that the “shot gun approach” doesn’t work.

In fact, according to Human Resources company The Arnold Group, for every 1,000 untargeted resumes you send to employers, you can expect to get only 2 interviews.

Job search success comes from proving you’re the right fit for a particular job. Use your resume to prove to a hiring manager that you have the qualifications and experience to fulfil all the needs of their open position.

What Jobs to ConsiderAs the job applicant, your mission is to find jobs that truly fit you—your skills, background and career interests. Here are a few questions you might ask yourself:

    • Can I do the job? Do you meet the requirements they are looking for? Be ambitious, but grounded and make sure that resume highlights these necessary skills. Focus your time on applying to jobs where you make a strong candidate.



    • Am I really interested? Does the salary, job duties and level of the job match what you’re looking for? Do you care about the work and business of the organization? Prove that you are 100% interested in this specific position by customizing your resume and cover letter to show your devotion the company and the job.



    • What will I get out of it? Does the job potentially contribute to the goals you have set for yourself in career and life? Look for the jobs that match your values and that help you develop as a person or professional. Applying to a job that you are over-qualified for is a red flag for an employer. If you feel that it is the right fit for you, address this in your cover letter and explain why you don’t think it will be an issue.



    • What about the work environment? Does it look like the circumstances and environment of the job fit with your situation and what you are willing to accept? Define your requirements relative to travel, commute, work schedule, pay structure and benefits.



Even in a tough job market, your goal is to be seriously considered for specific jobs that are right for you. Spending time applying to jobs you’re not really interested in or capable of doing will only reduce your chances of success.

You’ll find that developing your resume and cover letter for positions that you’re a strong fit for is much easier than trying to stretch or spin your skills and experience for a job that’s not a match.

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