How to Start Your Job Search

How to Start Your Job Search

Whether you’ve just graduated from college or you’re making a career change, starting a job search can be a little intimidating. But if you want to land a great gig, you need to conduct a perfect job search. Follow these tips to maximize your chances of impressing employers and getting hired.

Create a Strong Resume

Step one of a successful job search is simple:create a strong resume. Your resume is the first document your employer will read, so make sure it casts you in a positive light.

There are two ways to make a good initial impression with your resume: write very strong and relevant education, work experience, and career accomplishments sections. And secondly, thoroughly proofread your resume before sending it out. If you commit any spelling or grammar mistakes on your resume, employers won’t take you seriously and they’ll likely move on to the next candidate.

Use Online Job Sites

Very few employers advertise in the newspaper these days, so you should start looking at job boards. The top job boards add thousands of new positions each and every day of the week. So wake up early, scour open job listings, and submit your resume to every position that matches your skill sets.

Write a Cover Letter

If you want to be a step above the competition, then create a tailored cover letter for each position you apply for. In each cover letter, make sure you mention why you want to work for the company and why you think you’d be perfect for the position.

Start Networking

In today’s job market, it’s about who you know. If you know someone within a company, you are much more likely to land a position. That person can put in a good word for you, and you will have a much better chance of getting a job.

Spend some time networking with old coworkers and classmates. For example, you can reconnect with your social network on LinkedIn or Facebook, and ask your contacts if they know of any open positions.

Utilize Staffing Agencies

If you’re unemployed or looking for work, staffing agencies will go to bat for you. Staffing agencies have access to more job openings and can help you obtain a position. A recruiter will look over your resume and determine what position would be the best fit for you. In most cases, recruiters are free since they’re working for and charging the employers.

Visit the Target Company’s Website

Make a list of the companies you’d like to work for and submit your resume through their websites. If a company has an open position that you’re qualified for, don’t hesitate to send over your resume and cover letter. And even if they aren’t looking for help, they might bring you in for an interview simply because you have an impressive resume. Remember, sometimes the most creative and daring job seeker is the person who lands the job.

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