New Global Investment Bill Wins Praises of Business Group

Photo of Washington D.C. where the global investment bill was signed.

A new bill aimed at finding more jobs for professionals with business experience on their resume has been given the thumbs up by one international investment group, which says the legislation will help the U.S. reclaim its competitive edge.

The bipartisan bill, which was introduced by several members of the House and Senate including Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry and Illinois Republican Representative Peter Roskam, directs the commerce secretary to lead the country’s first-ever interagency effort to assess domestic policy on inbound investment and find more ways to attract global companies stateside.

Nancy L. McLernon, president and chief executive officer of the Organization for International Investment (OFII), said the bill sends a powerful message to the international business community.

We commend the bill sponsors for their efforts to improve U.S. competitiveness and our ability to create American jobs through global investment, McLernon stated. “This bold recognition of the benefits of global investment comes at a critical time for our nation’s economy.”

OFII said an increase in foreign investments could create 5.3 million direct jobs for people with a variety of skills on their resume.

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