Getting Back to Basics: Key for Companies

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Despite the fact that digital customer service is on the rise, it appears as if many companies are still trying to figure out the basics of the business.

During a recent industry event hosted by IPscape in Australia, leaders discussed ways to handle increased connectivity and customer expectations as businesses struggle to retain clients.

The vast majority of organizations are still grappling with the absolute basics of customer service, including how to minimize how much time customers spend on hold or being routed through automated telephone systems, Simon Burke, chief executive officer of IPscape, told ComputerWorld Australia. "Other companies are recording conversations for training purposes but have a difficult time accessing the recordings afterward."

Ross Dawson, chair of Advanced Human Technologies, said companies that specialize in customer service will have to be more flexible in the future in order to keep up with the pace of change and seize opportunities as they arise.

Meanwhile, with digital customer service on the rise, customer service representatives will need to have more technology experience on their resumes in order to increase the level of services they be be able offer to their online customers.

Robert Lommers, social media manager at Rabobank, told Customer Think that companies have to be able to offer clients round the clock service.

A fast working webcare department should be part of the standard service offering for any company in 2013. The future of webcare and making webcare a differentiator will be more difficult. Companies should look for ways to really make an impact by helping clients in every situation. For me the future is about real actions with impact for the client, it’s not just about tweeting back to a client, Lommers added.

Speaking at the IPscape conference, Telstra group general manager of industry development Rocky Scopelliti said there will also be increasing roles for customer service representatives to be able to interact face-to-face with their clients via videoconferencing. However, he noted that because the technology is not widely used, there will need to be policies in place to ensure clients are comfortable having their video calls recorded.

If you are thinking about a career in customer service, you can use a resume builder to make sure you have resume that is customized for the industry. You will need to include important keywords such any webcare modules you have completed or postsecondary training, as well as your work history and relevant computer skills. 


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