Vodka Company Supports Absolut Art Careers

Absolut Art Careers Award Image

Artists can often fall victim to stereotypes which paint them as abstract, aloof members of society. On the contrary, the influence of designers, photographers, painters and architects on culture strikes the public in ways which may only be noticed when the contributions are absent. From Mickey Mouse to Mona Lisa to Maxell’s memorable advertisements, those pursuing careers in art have left their mark on modern traditions.

Absolut Vodka, showing support for the creative arts, has funded a $22,000 yearly award to be presented to a young artist who shows creativity through the manipulation of art forms. This year’s award, the inaugural, will be given to Keren Cytter, an Israel native now living in Berlin.

In addition to the cash award, the prize will provide Cytter the opportunity to collaborate with the Absolut company in the upcoming year.

Cytter’s works take her beyond the traditional art forms, while exploring the intersection between theater, performance, film and installation art,” said Daniel Birnbaum, head of the award jury.

Absolut has promoted art jobs since Andy Warhol became the first of hundreds of artists to collaborate with the company.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, art directors, multimedia artists and animators typically need a bachelor’s degree and work experience to qualify for job openings to jump-start their art careers.

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