How to Do an International Job Search

How to Do an International Job Search

Searching for a job is already a tough task, but conducting an international job search introduces some unique variables. When looking for work overseas, you’ll need to be determined, diligent, and on top of your job search everyday. Here are some valuable tips on how to conduct an international job search.

Start with Your Current Company

First and foremost, if you have a job, you should consider heading down to your HR department and discussing international openings. Large corporations often have offices all around the world. And even if your company is somewhat small, your employer may have international offices that you don’t even know about.

Explain to your HR representative that you want to work overseas and gain valuable experience. If this is a possibility, your organization may go out of its way to support your career decision. This is especially true if you’re a valuable employee who can offer a lot to the company.

When sitting down with your boss, that you want to learn more about the position and expand your skill sets. If you approach the conversation strategically, your office could facilitate your transition to a new overseas office, making the process as easy as possible for you.


Go Directly to the Company Website

Most people scour job boards when looking for a work in the mainland. But if you want to land a job in a foreign country, you’ll have to be a bit more creative.

Start by researching international companies, and go directly to their website. Usually, they’ll have a careers section on their webpage, which will list all of their job openings across the globe. And while you’re on their site, send a quick email to the HR department and mention that you want to work for their international team. Your email will be treated like acover letter, so make sure it’s well-written and memorable.

Travel to the Office

Many job seekers struggle to make a lasting impression over the phone or through an email. With an in-person meeting, though, you might make a much stronger impression on hiring managers. This is especially true if you’re a smooth talker or strong communicator.

Of course, it’s not always wise to stop by unannounced. If you’re vacationing or travelling for business, you should reach out to the company and let them know you’re in the area and interested in a role. Hopefully this short note leads to a quick interview. Better yet, you might get a chance to sit down with the boss to discuss the position. Either way, an in-person meeting should help you make a stronger impression.

Eliminate Doubt

When applying for overseas jobs, it’s wise to quell any fears the company may have. For example, if you speak another language or have a dual passport, you should note this on your application or correspondence.

At the same time, let the hiring manager know that you have experience dealing with international clients. If you haven’t had any clients overseas, explain how your previous experiences will translate well to the target position.

Companies want to hire someone who can get up to speed quickly, and they hate wasting time on visa problems or language issues. If you can sell yourself as an easy and smart solution, employers will jump at the chance to hire you.

Write a Great Resume

Whether you’re applying for work in the States or overseas, there’s one common denominator: your resume. No matter the country, job, or employer, you’ll need to submit awell-written, professional resume. And remember,LiveCareerhas all the resources you need to finalize this all-important document. 

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