Restaurant, Health Care and Manufacturing Continue to Add to Payrolls

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Job seekers and students looking to pursue a career in health care

, hospitality or advanced manufacturing apparently will be entering emerging fields as the industries all appear to be hiring qualified workers.

USA Today reports that within the hospitality industry, an increase in foot traffic at the nation’s 1 million restaurants has helped create a demand for managers, as well as hourly employees including waiters, hosts and bartenders.

It runs across the full spectrum, from the dish room to the board room, Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association, told the news agency.

Darden Restaurants, which is the parent company for a number of large chain establishments including Red Lobster, said it has been hiring approximately 2,000 managers a year in addition to 90,000 hourly workers.

An increase in business has also helped create more jobs in the hospitality industry, which is beginning to see some of the highest percentage job growth over the past year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On top of increased hiring at many of the country’s larger hotel chains, such as Marriott and Hilton, recruiters said they were noticing an uptick in hiring in other emerging areas including event planning, at country clubs and on cruise ships.

In the health care sector, the demand for nurses continues across the U.S., with job postings also up for pharmacists, physical therapists and home health aides, according to the news outlet.

Shell Womble, senior director of sales for national home health care provider ResCare, said the company is anticipating the need for many more workers in the near future.

Right now, one of our key positions is that we are hiring the talent before we even get the clients so we can be prepared and have the staff available, Womble says of home health and personal care aides. “There’s a lot more competition for that type of employee.”

A survey earlier this year also found an increase in demand for health care IT workers as more hospitals and providers struggle to implement the electronic health records system under the Affordable Care Act.

The report, which was conducted by the College of Health Care Information Management Executives (CHIME) found that health care chief information officers are having a difficult time finding applicants who have the right training and skills on their resumes.

Even with two years of focused attention on implementing electronic health records at the nation’s hospitals, in response to federal incentives, it’s clear that staffing is a significant concern for IT executives. CHIME board member Randy McCleese told “Staff needs aren’t like to abate over the next couple years, as CIOs continue to push to achieve meaningful use targets and switch to ICD-10-compliant applications.”

As far as a career in advanced manufacturing, job seekers may need additional postsecondary training as the industry also struggles to find workers with the right qualifications and skills on their resumes.

Although Moody’s Analytics predicts U.S. manufacturing will remain fairly flat over the next year, there are areas of the country that are posting strong job gains, including in parts of the Midwest. Most recently, much of manufacturing job growth has been in the durable-goods sector, which includes machinery, fabricated metals, aircraft and automobiles.

Manufacturers are predicting an increase in demand for machine operators, assemblers and fabricators and technicians. According to ERP analyst Derek Singleton, job seekers will need to have the ability to work with computerized systems, read manufacturing blueprints, write machine programming codes and have knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering processes in order to find work in the field.

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