How to Get a Job in Transportation

How to Get a Job in Transportation

Moving goods and people across the United States requires a massive workforce. Truck drivers and pilots are probably the occupations that first spring into peoples’ minds, but there are many other jobs that make this industry a thriving one to work in. Thousands of private employers distribute goods, and theU.S. Department of Transportationemploys thousands of workers. Here’s how you to get hired in this booming industry.

Job Boards Have the Most Open Listings

The hardest part of finding a warehouse job is knowing where to look. But without a doubt, the best place to start your search is on ajob board. Whether you’re looking for work as a prison transporter, bus driver, or warehouse worker, you’ll find a diverse range of jobs on the web.

The problem is, you’re not the only one looking on job boards. If you want to make a strong impression, you need a well-written resume and cover letter. That’s where LiveCareer can help you out. LiveCareer’sResume BuilderandCover Letter Buildergive you pre-written examples that you can insert directly into a professional transportation resume.

Highlight Your Transportation Experience In Your Resume

In most transportation jobs, they’re looking for skilled workers. While there are plenty of entry-level positions, you need to—at a minimum—prove to hiring managers that you have the necessary skills for the job.

For example, truck drivers might need to have a Class A or B driver’s license, a good driving history, and a high school diploma. So if the job posting calls for these requirements, make sure you mention them in your cover letter and resume.

If you don’t have any actual on-the-job experience, don’t worry. If you prove you’re a trust-worthy, hard-working individual, most companies will train you. Just highlight your experiences that relate to the position, even if it’s in your education or skill sections.

Research Your Target Company

Doing a bit of research before you apply will help you in two major ways:

1)    It will help you write a more job-specific cover letter and resume, which should lead to more interviews.

2)    It will give you more insight into who hires the most transportation workers.

With this information in hand, you’ll make a stronger impression on employers. After all, hiring managers are swarmed with applications every day, and the vast majority of these candidates don’t take the time to read about the company. They send a generic, one-size-fits-all application. And these applications usually end up in the trashcan.

Pick Between Air or Ground

The transportation industry includes two main fields: air transportation and truck transportation. Ground occupations as a whole provide over two million jobs. Truck drivers and driver/sales workers account for 45 percent of the jobs in the ground sector. The highest-paying job in the truck transportation field is cargo and freight agents, at an average of 37,500 dollars per year.

In terms of the air sector, there are over 500,000 wage and salary workers currently employed in the industry. That means the air division accounts for about one third of the industry. However, some of the highest-paying transportation jobs are found in this division of transportation, including airline pilots (number one in the industry at 143,000 dollars per year), aircraft body repairers (54,000 dollars), and aircraft engine specialists (54,000 dollars).

Look for Government Positions

The U.S. Department of Transportation offers jobs at its 13 agencies, and it’s one of the most underrated places to find a job.Continually check their site for openings, and stay on top of new job listings. They have a huge range of job openings, so no matter your career field, skills, or education background, you’ll find a job in transportation that fits you. 

And remember, LiveCareer will help you create a resume, write a cover letter, and find job openings.Use the siteto speed up the job search process and get hired faster!

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