Microsoft Finds Success in Retail, Will Open More Stores in 2013

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Microsoft said it will launch more retail stores across the U.S. in 2013, a move that will open up a variety of opportunities for job seekers with customer service skills on their resume


The high-tech giant, which is the number 1 software company in country, said its new retail strategy has been such as success it will open at least 6 locations in the new year, according to CNet News.

We know our store associates are making an impact when our customers continually express appreciation for how our stores offer the opportunity to interact with Microsoft products, said Jonathan Adashek, general manager for communications with the sales and marketing group.

Company officials said part of the overall retail strategy was to help further connect consumers to an array of its products and services beyond Windows software. The average annual revenue for per Microsoft store was reported at $51.5 million in fiscal 2012 - which is up 19 percent over the last year.

Microsoft said it will open stores in Texas, Florida, Ohio, California, Utah and Missouri.

And it does appear as if the company is heading in the right direction. According to Kiplinger, the retail industry is expected to see continued improvement in 2013, especially in the latter part of the year.

With the rise in online shopping, many retail outlets have also been looking at ways to draw in more foot traffic by offering outstanding customer service and other amenities.

Rachel Shechtman, owner of New York-based Story boutique, told the Future of Retail Alliance (FORA) News that stores will have to create an engaging and compelling customer experience in the new year.

When we think of the next generation of retail design, we think about storytelling. My rule: 70% of an experience should be what consumers know and 30% should be surprise and delight. Shechtman added.

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