How to Get a Job as a Sales Associate

How to Get a Job as a Sales Associate

If you like to work with people, are persuasive, and enjoy a challenge, you’ll very likely enjoy a sales associate position. As a sales associate, you’ll work in an exciting environment that changes every day. Most sales associate positions are in a retail environment. However, the position is a bit different from most retail positions. In order to land a job as a sales associate, follow the advice below.

The Resume

Your resume – or what you put on your application – is going to be the first thing your prospective employer sees. When the employer looks at your information, he or she should get a good idea of who you are, your personality, and what you can offer the company. You don’t necessarily need a long list of past work experiences to qualify; just make sure you express your skills and qualifications very well.

Additionally, make sure you read the job description thoroughly before applying. Every sales associate position is different, and in the job description you are likely to find a list of some attributes and traits the hiring manager or company is looking for. Mention these in your application or on your resume, as it will show that you are detail oriented, you read the description, and you tailored your application just for that position. In the world of job seeking, this will set you apart. 

The Interview

Chances are you will be asked for an interview either over the phone or in person. If you have a phone interview, make sure to come across as excited, personable, and energetic. Energy is one of the top traits a hiring manager will look for when hiring a sales associate. Professionalism and ability to communicate effectively are two more traits you’ll want to demonstrate. If you have an in-person interview be sure to dress professionally, be well groomed, and be happy, positive, and enthusiastic. Look at some typical interview questions for sales associate positions before you go in for your interview and have well thought-out answers ready. Remember, your job as a sales associate is to connect with people, be persuasive, and sell products. So when you go into the interview, sell yourself.


Life as a sales associate can be fun, exciting, and challenging. You will likely have sales quotas to hit, work with different people every day, and experience a variety of situations in which you will have to be inventive and creative in order to solve a customer problem or answer a question. During the hiring process, you will very likely be asked questions having to do with how you’ve handled difficult or challenging situations in the past. Have a few examples ready of how you’ve overcome adversity, how you helped someone solve a problem, and how you have dealt (or would deal) with difficult customers. Sometimes you will run into stressful situations as a sales associate, and your hiring manager will want to know that you can handle these situations effectively, professionally, and with a positive attitude. Show that you are customer-oriented and you will be a step ahead. 

A Good Foundation 

The first step is having an outstanding resume. Your hiring manager has many different resumes to sift through, so if yours can pack a punch and make an impression, you’ll be that much closer to an interview – and a job. To create a resume that will be more likely to land you a job, go to LiveCareer and use the Resume Builder tool. Making a good first impression is everything, and a well-built resume can help you do just that. 

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