How to Get a Job in Retail

How to Get a Job in Retail

Theretail industryhas many perks: you interact with customers face to face, learn valuable skills, and—best of all—you can potentially turn your job into a lucrative career. Sure, many retail workers start out because they want to simply pay for school or put gas in their cars. But if you think retail is only a part-time gig, think again. Here’s how to land a job in retail and get started in this thriving career field.

Good Customer Service Skills Are a Must

As a retail worker, you’ll be interacting with customers on a regular basis. They’ll generally ask you where products are located in the store, if you can find an item for them, or if you could help them load their purchase into their cars. In some cases, you may be responsible for ordering products for customers or dealing with customer complaints. One of the most important things in any retail establishment is to keep lines moving as quickly as possible. If you notice that long lines are forming at the cash registers, you may be required to spend a part of your day on a register even if you’re not scheduled as a cashier.

A Passion for Merchandising Will Get You Far

Customers want to see displays that are properly organized and colorful. If you get a job working in a produce department, you may be taught about the importance of putting certain fruits or vegetables together because their colors entice customers to make a purchase. When a display is empty or looks disheveled, a customer may perceive the entire store to be dirty and shop somewhere else. Therefore, it’s important to have a basic understanding of merchandising principles if you want to get a job in retail.

Keep a Wide Open Schedule to Get a Job in Retail

Many retail jobs require you to be available at all times. Even if you land a management job in the retail field, you’ll rarely work a traditional nine-to-five workweek. Expect to work mostly nights one week and then mostly days the next. As retailers are busiest on Saturday, you may be expected to work weekends on a regular basis. Having a flexible availability that includes nights and weekends will make it easier to find a job in retail.

You Need to Be Adaptable

You may take on many different roles and have several different job descriptions while working in a retail establishment. Many retail workers are asked to run a cash register, stock shelves, and order product during a single shift. Employees who are able to get a job in retail are the ones who express an interest in cross-training and learning how to work in as many departments as possible.

Be a Great Teammate

Working in retail means working well with others. You have to be able to take orders from your manager, help your colleagues deal with customers, and do whatever else it takes to help the store operate as efficiently as possible. Good team members may come in to work on their days off if asked to do so.

As long as you are flexible, willing to learn, and can operate as part of a team, you’ll have a chance to land a job in retail. But if you want to take your candidacy to the next level and really impress hiring managers, you’ll need a well-written resume.LiveCareer’s Resume Builderhelps you create a professional retail resume in a matter of minutes—for free!

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