How to Get a Job as an Advertising Associate

How to Get a Job as an Advertising Associate

Advertising is an exciting and fast-paced field where your powers of persuasion can be used to sell a range of products in all kinds of creative and engaging ways. To land a job as an advertising associate, you’ll need to have experience, savvy, and a great resume. You’ll also want to explore a variety of approaches to finding and landing the advertising job of your dreams. 

Create a Blog or Website to Promote Yourself 

A blog or website showcasing your resume as well as your experience (including a portfolio, if applicable) can go be a powerful marketing tool in your efforts to land an advertising job. Be sure to include examples of your past work, and make sure to keep your blog or website as current and up-to-date as possible. 

Add a Link to Your Resume on Your Linkedin/Social Media Profile

The importance of your social networking efforts cannot be stressed enough. If you are looking for a job as an advertising associate, your personal contacts are an important place to start. Be sure to include your resume on your social media pages, and let your contacts and the folks in your network know that you’re looking for an ad job.

Join LinkedIn for Free and Build Your Advertising Associate Profile

 If you haven’t already, create a LinkedIn account. Your profile there will be browsed by a number of people (including recruiters), and you may be contacted by potential employers from your LinkedIn page alone. Be sure to include your up-to-date resume there, as well as your portfolio/portfolio site, if applicable.

Join Social Networking Groups for Advertising

Facebook is a place where there are groups for everything – from Justin Beiber’s latest act to Obama’s multimillion dollar worth fictional trips. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are plenty of advertising networking groups all over Facebook. Just enter “job as an advertising associate” in the search bar, and you should find what you’re looking for. Join some of these groups and start making the industry connections that could land you a job sooner. 

Visit and and Check Out the Job Listings is a site that lets you upload your resume and then, employers can find you. You can also search for a job as an advertising associate. An important tip to keep in mind that is pretty obvious but missed by a lot of people is – learn to word your search request. You can search for a job as an advertising associate under the “advertising associate” search request.

There are lots of ways to search for a job in advertising. Be resourceful and make sure you have a strong, up-to-date resume, and online and social media presence. You can also check out these tips for posting your resume on social networking sites for more tips getting a job as an advertising associate.


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