Women Encouraged to Pursue Careers in Information Technology

Photo of a female IT professional at her laptop.

IT professionals may pride themselves in speaking the complex jargon of modern technology, which to many can sound like a foreign language. Those adept at deciphering the convoluted dialects of computer programming often find that working with computer-based information systems creates an ideal entry into the world of business. Though women do not enter the field at the same rate as men, professional organizations have begun to encourage more interest among this group.

Women In Technology, International (WITI), one such professional organization, announced today a partnership with Thomson Reuters to raise awareness of and development opportunities for women pursuing careers in information technology.

Chairs from WITI expect that the partnership will help expand the organization’s worldwide network and update members’ technology skills to empower women to follow their career goals. New programs will provide additional professional development and recruitment opportunities.

WITI’s mission has always been to provide women access to a worldwide network of tech savvy, professional women committed to support each other’s growth and opportunities, said Carolyn Leighton, CEO and founder of WITI. “Through our partnerships, we can truly fulfill this goal and enable women to succeed.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that the computer scientists and database administrators field is expected to grow by 37% by 2016.

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