How to Get a Job as a Hotel Clerk

How to Get a Job as a Hotel Clerk

As our world becomes increasingly globalized and international travel becomes more possible and popular than ever, the hospitality industry is growing like never before. This new global age has created the perfect conditions for a thriving hospitality and travel industry. Here are some key tips to landing a great job as a hotel clerk.

Earn Your Hospitality Degree


Any lodging facility in the world has some basic positions that need to be filled in order to accommodate guests properly. A hotel clerk is a front end position that requires taking care of all the customer service needs for guests. The best way to get a job as a hotel clerk is to earn a degree in hospitality and tourism. In these programs, students develop a deep understanding of the business operations of a hotel, as well as learning the basics of customer service etiquette. Such a degree is available at many community colleges as well as four year universities.

Use Your Experience

Some front desk jobs in hotels may be acquired through pure experience. Hotels may not always seek individuals that have associate degrees in hospitality and tourism. Some individuals may simply work their way up from low positions such as housekeeper and server. Such workers see the daily operations of the hotel and tourism industry and can surely gain some valuable experience for landing a clerk job. 

Front desk jobs in hotels require excellent customer service skills. Some people have a natural talent for handling all types of issues with guests. Therefore, hotel managers are looking to hire clerks that are friendly, motivated, task oriented and enjoy serving people. Experience and personal traits sometimes win over educational training such as an associate’s degree.

Search Online, or In Person

These days, many hotels and resorts use online systems to post all job openings and accept applications. However, people can still use an old fashioned method of finding a front desk clerk job in a hotel. For example, it’s possible to simply walk into a hotel and hand out resumes and cover letters specifically for a clerk job at lodging facilities. There is no need to talk to the hotel manager directly as the documents can be handed over through the current front desk representative. Job fairs are also great places to find employment in the hotel and tourism industry. Local chambers of commerce and tourism boards may host events in which local companies set up kiosks that are used to accept job applications. It never hurts to attend local events that are related to travel and tourism with the hope of seeking information for employment as a front desk clerk. In fact, such events allow people to actually speak to real hotel clerks and managers that know the hospitality industry very well and can offer insider job tips.

Education and experience can lead any individual to a job in the hospitality and travel industry.  Your customer service skills are also a big key. Finally, the right resume can make a huge difference in getting interviews at the hotel of your choice. LiveCareer’s Resume Builder offers an easy way to create a high-quality resume that’s targeted toward the job you want.

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