Cities Put Out the Help Wanted Sign at Hotels


There’s good news for job seekers looking to work in the hotel industry, as the construction of new venues is making headlines almost everyday.

In Boston, for example, the Massachusett Convention Center Authority recently put out the call to developers to fund 2 mid-priced hotels in the city, which are expected to create more than 175 permanent jobs, according to the Boston Herald.

In Orange County, California, the Garden Grove city council has approved 3 new hotel projects in the city that will cater to people visiting nearby Disney and other theme parks. In Florida, the state’s nearly 22 million tourists have helped the local hospitality industry add more than 15,000 jobs over the past year. And in Wisconsin, an expansion at the popular Edgewater Hotel at Lake Mendota in Madison is expected to generate another 250 positions at the facility.

In order to compete for work in the emerging field, you may want to take an online aptitude test to determine which skills you have that are transferable or if you need additional education or certification in order to qualify for different positions at hotels and motels around the county.

Interestingly enough, in Canton, Illinois, employment officials said that applicants with a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) on their resume are more likely to land a job at the Cook Hotel in Canton, which is expected to double the size of its workforce over the next year, according to the Cambridge Chronicle.

The industry-based portable credential scores applicants in a number of areas of problem solving – critical thinking, reading, applied mathematics, locating and applying information. The NCRC also ranks individuals in the soft skills category including productivity, teamwork, customer service skills and managerial potential based on problem solving, persuasion and enthusiasm.

If you are looking at a front desk position, you should focus on your customer service background and highlight relevant soft skills on your resume.

For a management position, you will need a degree for a 4-year postsecondary institution or certification from a technical college. Courses taught in certificate in hotel management programs may include accounting, banquet management, public relations, event planning, catering and employee relations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in hotel management are expected to increase by 85 through the end of the decade and will be best for applicants with a degree or certificate in hotel management or operations. 

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