Job Trends Find More Americans Landing Hospitality, Travel Jobs

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As the U.S. economy continues to rebound, the rise in business and leisure travel has created new jobs openings across the nation.

According to David Hueter, senior vice president of economic and research at the U.S. Travel Association in Washington, the number of Americans working at hotels, motels and casinos is rising, with companies looking for workers with a variety of skills on their resumes.

Hueter told Bloomberg Businessweek that increased tourism and business travel is “creating employment opportunities all across the country in the travel industry that is helping in the job recovery and benefiting the economy.”

Job trends show “strong” industry hiring in several districts, including St. Louis – which accounts for all of Arkansas and parts of Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.

Industry officials said that while Americans still account for about 90% of all domestic business, they would like to see the number of international tourists increase after President Barack Obama recently developed an accelerated visa program for Chinese and Brazilian visitors.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for lodging manager are expected to increase by 8% through 2020, and will be best for those with a degree in hotel management or operations.

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