Report Finds 1 Million Nursing Jobs May Go Unfilled by 2020

Photo of a nurse delivering medication to patients.

A new report by the Apollo Research Institute has found that the healthcare community must work together to find solutions to a potential shortage of professionals with nursing experience on their resumes

 in order to meet future demand.

According to the “Critical Conditions: Preparing the 21st-Century Nursing Workforce” report, nursing schools, health care employers and technology innovators must partner to close the skills gap or approximately 1 million nursing jobs could go unfilled by 2020.

As the front line of patient care, nurses need to share their insights with policymakers, educators and employers so that the industry can benefit from their clinical expertise and understanding of patients’ social and emotional needs, Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, vice president and managing director of Apollo Research Institute, noted.

A panel of experts working on the report also discussed a study by the Institute of Medicine that recommended that prospective registered nurses be required to add higher levels of education to their resumes. In order to do this, the health care professionals said that employers and educational institutes must collaborate to improve program access and provide flexible scheduling for working students and health care providers.

For people looking to pursue a career in health care and nursing, the report found a bachelor’s or advanced degree will help open the doors to careers in research, education, technology, administration and nursing specialities.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Affordable Care Act will also mean that more people will have access to medical insurance over the next few years.

In Nevada for example, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals recently announced that it will hire an additional 700 health care workers and nurses when it opens a new 100 bed wing in 2015.

There’s a lot of changes with health care and health care reform, Teressa Conley of the health care group told KVVU News. “A lot of what we’re doing is in anticipation of that. In 2014, we are expecting around 31 million Americans will now have some type of insurance that they haven’t had before.”

People thinking about a career in nursing or health care may want to take an online aptitude test to determine if they have the skills needed to work in the field.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for nurses are expected to grow faster than the average occupation, by 26%, through the end of the decade. 

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