Keep Your Search Flexible When Looking for a Nursing Job

Photo of a nurse interviewing for a job.

While the news is good for the emerging health care sector, which is adding jobs faster than the overall economy, finding your first job as a nurse may still prove to be difficult in today's challenging market.

In order to expand your job search, you must remain flexible and open to different options within the industry.

Search from the top down

With the country experiencing a shortage of physicians, there is an increased the need for nurses and other health care workers. If you are willing to relocate, you should research areas of the country where there is a specific demand for doctors and registered nurses.

You can also bring your resume to departments of local area hospitals and medical centers, as well as independent doctor's offices while asking about available positions that may not be advertised to the public.

Look beyond traditional workplaces

Although you may be determined to find a job at a hospital, the reality is that you may have to explore different avenues when looking for your first entry-level position in the field. Use the intenet to investigate often-overlooked nursing opportunities in including at schools, your local health department, health insurance companies, assisted living facilities and nursing schools.

When it comes to finding your first job, it’s a matter of being flexible and thinking outside the box,” Career consultant Alan Simmons told Nursing Times. He added that nurses looking for their first job should consider all the possibilities open to them and be willing to try something they hadn’t considered.

Simmons said that not all nursing jobs will actually have the word nurse" in the title. He advised  looking for other keywords such as "practitioner" "pediatric" or "case manager" to find more specialized positions.

You also may want to consider traveling nurse programs that can place you on different, short-term assignments while you look for full-time work.

Get your foot in the door

If you are not having any luck finding a long-term full-time nursing job, do not be opposed to accepting a contract or "training" position. These jobs are a great way of getting your resume in the hands of hiring managers or doctors who may want to bring you on as a permanent worker in the future. These jobs are also a good way for you to evaluate an organization or company to determine if it's a good fit.

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