Hiring for Government Jobs Beginning to Rebound

Photo of a police officer on the radio in his car.

In what could be seen as another sign the job market is starting to improve, hiring for government jobs on the state and local level is at its strongest in 4 years, including for those looking to pursue a career in criminal justice, healthcare, transportation and public works.

Based on the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), states, cities, counties and school districts hired approximately 828,000 people during the first 4 months of 2012, which is up 20% from the same time frame last year, USA Today reports.

We're hiring as many as we can,  Tucson police recruitment officer Liz Skeenes told the news agency. "In the last few years, we haven't hired as many officers as we needed because of financial problems. Now we're going back to full force, and we're happy about that."

States that continue to look for qualified government workers include Florida, which currently has more than 590 job openings listed on its state's website for positions that include bilingual customer representatives for Medicaid.

According to the BLS, employment opportunities for police officers and detectives are expected to increase by 7% through 2020.

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