How to Get a Job as a Teacher

How to Get a Job as a Teacher

Teachers make a difference in the lives of young people everyday. Instructors have the responsibility of teaching the future generation that will run the world the skills they need to succeed, and become better citizens. Great business leaders, scientists and other successful individuals can all point to their educational background as an essential part of the people and leaders they eventually became.  

To get a job as a Teacher, you’ll need education, training, certifications and a great resume.


Bring Your Real World Experience to the Classroom

Many skilled individuals may lose their employment due to a tough economy that involves massive job cuts by large businesses and corporations. Such professionals may choose to apply their real world experience in a particular field to a school setting. For instance, an electrical engineer might become a physics instructor, or a computer science engineer can be a mathematics teacher. Such professionals have already taken high level science and math classes. Therefore, they only need to earn the appropriate state certification in order to receive teaching credentials. Engineers make excellent teachers because they can provide real world examples of theoretical problems that are discussed in the class.

How to Get a Job as a Teacher with the Proper Certification

Many college majors can be combined with a minor in education. Such a combination makes it possible for college graduates to potentially become teachers of specific subjects. For example, a degree in African American history with a minor in secondary education can be used to instruct general history classes in a high school.

Sometimes, a degree in special education is required to teach students with special needs. Such a degree can be attained in addition to any general concentrations on a standard education degree that prepares teachers to deal with "normal" students.

All teachers need to study important topics such as child psychology and other behavioral sciences. Such courses are usually mandatory to obtain a degree or certification in any level of education studies.

Important Personal Qualities and Technical Skills 

Teachers should have natural qualities that can be helpful in dealing with children. Some teachers are often labeled as "kids at heart" because of their fun and outgoing personality. A principal or school administrator wants to hire skilled teachers that have the right combination of technical knowledge and personality. Instructors with "cold" attitudes are usually not popular and don't motivate average students.

Teachers also need to prove that they have effective teaching methods that can produce results when it comes to standard exams. The internet and electronic age has changed the traditional classroom setting. Online class notes and tablet use are now becoming standard practices in any middle school and high school class. When wondering about how to get a job as a teacher, prospective instructors need to prove their technical abilities on computers, tablets, smart boards and other new technology.

Becoming a teacher requires certification in education studies. Experience in the real world in any professional field is always a boost to anyone's resume that can be applied to schools. LiveCareer's JobFinder has resources and tools that are useful for finding teaching jobs. Teachers should take advantage of online tools to find jobs.

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