How to Get a Job as a Customer Service Associate

How to Get a Job as a Customer Service Associate

Do you love working with people? Are you looking for a job that is different every day?  If so, you might be the perfect fit for the role of a customer service associate. To land a job as a customer service associate, you’ll need to know what companies are looking for. How can you increase your chances of landing an interview? The following tips will help you prepare for (and get) a job as a customer service associate.

Applying For a Job as a Customer Service Associate

The first step to acquiring a new position at any company is to apply for it, so your first order of business is to create an outstanding resume and cover letter. A quality resume and cover letter building service like LiveCareer can help you build a job-winning resume and cover letter fast. Some companies have online job applications that you have to fill out in addition to your resume, but if you have a solid resume and cover letter, chances are you can use those two documents as a road map for filling out the rest of the application.

Make Your Work Experience Work For You

You might be wondering how you’ll create your resume and cover letter if you’ve never worked in customer service before. Never fear; it’s not necessarily important to have had a job as a customer service associate in the past. What’s important is that you have the necessary skills for the job. Look over your past work experience and try to find ways to use what you have done in a way that will highlight the skills you need. Were you the go-to person when you had difficult customers as a waitress? Did you have a job where you had to come up with solutions for others? Have you ever had to communicate effectively in order to help someone else? (Almost everyone has done that one!) Then highlight those skills, abilities, and accomplishments as you outline your work experience on your resume and cover letter.

Use The Right Voice

Finally, when you’re writing your cover letter and resume in an attempt to obtain a job as a customer service associate, use the correct voice. In other words, make sure your writing comes across the right way to your prospective employee. If you sound like a used car salesman, using a “hard sell” and aggressive approach, it is less likely you will get an interview. Why? Because as a customer service associate you need to use a consultative tone, be patient and understanding, and gently walk people through processes and procedures in order to serve their needs. As such, you should come across this way in your resume, as well. It’s important to put your best foot forward, and the first thing your prospective employers will see is your resume and cover letter. Try LiveCareer’s Resume Builder tool to create a resume that is sure to impress.

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