Emerging Health Care Industry Creates New Opportunities for Administration Jobs

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Despite budget cuts at many hospitals across the U.S., the medical sector has been adding jobs at a healthy pace.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 44,000 health care-related jobs were added to the economy during the month of September.I think that the overall healthcare employment outlook is strong. Actually, it’s the strongest growth we’ve had in over a decade with hiring in the healthcare sector. However, the jobs are shifting from being more hospital-based, health care recruiter Andrew Chastain told Health Care Finance News. “Our clients are looking at how to treat patients in the most appropriate way. This includes not adding more beds, but adding outpatient services without beds – anything across the continuum that keeps people out of the hospitals.”

Chastain added that as more medical groups and smaller practices merge with larger health systems, there will be a growing need for more health care executives with business administration experience on their resumes.

There are new places for executives that didn’t exist before. As medical groups are merging into hospital systems, there are infrastructures that need to be created in order to lead and support those operations, he noted. “They need a president or chief quality officer or an IT executive. So it’s actually creating job growth and added opportunities at the executive level.”

In Oregon for example, a number of business professionals have been able to transition into a career in health care. According to the Salem Statesman Journal, approximately 4,500 state and local government workers found work as health care administrators.

And although newer health care employees most often come from the retail and hospitality sectors, a number of skilled trade workers are also able to make the transition. The news outlet said that over the past 4 years, 1,000 construction workers found jobs in the medical field across the state.

If you are a job seeker looking to transition into the emerging health care field, you may want to take an online aptitude test to determine if you have the right skills needed to enter the industry, or if you will need additional training.Health care administrators should have a variety of qualifications on their resume including public relations, good oral and written communication, customer service experience, health care planning, attention to detail, database maintenance and problem solving skills.

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