How to Get a Job in Admistrative Support

How to Get a Job in Admistrative Support

Here’s a job search secret: if you’re well organized, a competent typist, and an avid internet user, you might be perfect for an administrative support position. Sure, you’ll likely have to rescue your boss from time to time. And it’s possible that a team of 50 or more people relies on you for computer fixes, a stocked kitchen, and any other number of problems. But it’s all in a day’s work, right?

If you’re interested in a career in administrative support, then make sure you can check the following items off your can-do list.

1. Your software skills are top notch.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of jobs in administrative support don't require more thana high school diploma.But, at a minimum, you need to know how to email, use a web browser, and deliver a document from a word processing application. These are necessary skills in the administration area of any business.

If you review a few job descriptions for administrative support openings, you’ll notice that most employers are looking for someone who’s proficient on at least one office software product. Even if you don't know the specific software the company uses, simply keep in mind that admin support workers use word processors, spreadsheets, publishing software, and other standard office software. If you want to make a glowing impression, purchase an instructional book (or look one up on the internet for free) about the software, and at least learn the basics. Most companies will train you on their specific software.

2. You have great people skills.

If you’re a proficient talker, you’re on the fast track to becoming an admin worker. Whether answering the phones or emailing a client, you need to be articulate and a clear communicator. You also need to use your people skills to take directions from staff, coordinate meetings, establish relationships with clients, and communicate information to other employees.

3. You’re an adept multi-tasker.

As an admin worker, you have to assist several different departments. In a way, you’re everyone’s “help button.” You need to be able to call the IT repairman, have someone on hold, send an email report, and sign a UPS package with a smile on your face—all at the same time. Sometimes you’ll be pulled in seven different directions, but you can’t allow yourself to be stretched to thin.

4. You’re extremely organized.

An administrative support position is an organizational position. And the key to being organized is prioritizing your daily events. Your daily schedule or calendar will become your best friend. And in most admin positions, you’ll need to use an electronic application to help you balance so many different schedules and tasks. 

As youwrite cover lettersand interview with prospective employers, make it clear that you understand priorities, meet deadlines, and very organized.

5. You dress and act professionally.

If you're applying for a job online, it's hard to show off your new haircut. The only way to prove that you understand office etiquette is to provide your prospective employer with a professional resume and cover letter.

And when you get called in for an interview, show up on time and dressed professionally. Research or ask about the company's policies before you show up so you know what to expect. Administrative support positions usually require professional attire, so dress appropriately for your first interview. You can always dress down at a later date if the company is more relaxed.

Show Off Your Skills

You can market yourself as the one-and-only person for the job by writing a great resume. Not sure where to start? Use LiveCareer’s award-winningResume Builderto market your administrative support skills and hopefully increase your starting salary. Create your resume today, and land the administrative support job that you truly want. 

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