How to Get a Job as an Accountant

How to Get a Job in Admistrative Support

Do you love to balance accounts and play with numbers? Considering your remarkable problem-solving skill, the odds suggest that the field of accounting is open to you. If you’re planning on pursuing a career as an accountant, read on. We’ll cover all the main steps you need to consider as you pursue this career path, from learning the trade, to landing the highest-paying job!

What’s The Catch? 

Getting a job as an accountant in the top firms of your city can be quite challenging for students as well as experienced professionals. The Accounting industry is tough and competitive. According to theBureau of Labor Statistics, this field should grow at a reasonable rate over the next several years. So while its growth will not be explosive, jobs will be available. To win these job, you’ll need to be tactful, knowledgeable, rational, witty and quick in your approach.

Your 9-Step Plan to Landing an Accounting Job…

Are you ready to face the challenge? This is how you become an accountant in 9 simple steps:

1) Earn your degree, certificate or diploma in accounting. High school graduates can get enrolled in a community college to begin earning your degree.  Or if your grades allow it, apply for a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at a reputable University. 

2) Gain as much knowledge about the field as you can. Make sure you are mastering all the fundamental principles needed to get a high-paying job as an accountant.

3) Apply to public firms, government organizations and auditing firms. However, to maximize your worth you need to specialize in your field. The highest paying jobs as an accountant tend to require a Master’s Degree in Accounting or MBA. 

4) Decide what type of accountant you wish to become:

  • Public Accountants check for frauds and account scams. They work as bookkeepers, auditors, consultants and forensic accountants.
  • Government Accountants maintain records for national funds and analyze the distribution of money to different departments.
  • Private Accountants analyze financial data for MNCs and corporate firms. They’re involved in planning, budgeting and resource utilization of large companies. They strive to maximize their expenditures.
  • Internal Auditors are employed by administrators or higher professionals. They monitor the business activities within a company and focus on detecting internal inefficiencies or frauds and prevent crimes related to money.
  • Trainers or Supervising Accountants work in colleges, schools and entry-level firms. They provide relevant training to the new hire.

5) Once you finish your education, you can find internships or part-time employment in school and smaller firms. It doesn’t matter whether you work as an accounts-receivable clerk, bookkeeper or an accounting assistant. The point is to gain practical experience in the field. 

6) Now, you’re eligible for state-level exams. CPA or CMA exams grant certification and license to budding accountants. If you wish to get the best possible job as an accountant, these exams should be on you list of things to do.

7) Get information on accounting principles, practices and digital technologies. Learn how to use accounting software programs. Since technology is progressing at a fast pace, you’re expected to update your knowledge on a regular basis.

8) Network! Let people know that you have the potential. Join placement agencies or organizations that focus on career management. Attend seminars and lectures organized by local accounting societies and talk to expert accounts managers. They’ll help you in your quest.

9) Since you’re prepared to grab every opportunity, go ahead and create an impressive resume and cover letter. They’re your tickets to finding a good job. A resume or cover letter builder likeLiveCareer’scan be a huge help. Make sure that you focus on your intention of gaining experience and motivation.


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