Manufacturers Search for Skilled Workers

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Manufacturers across the U.S. say they are in desperate need of workers whose resumes reflect experience in the skilled trades.A survey of more than 1,100 manufacturing executives found that despite stagnant unemployment figures, 67% of companies had a moderate to severe shortage of available, qualified workers last year, according to The Associated Press.Brian Burton, vice president of the Indiana Manufacturers Association, told the news agency that many companies have been forced to train hourly employees because they can’t afford to wait for them to finish their postsecondary education.

The more specific the job requirements, the harder it is to find individuals that have that kind of training, he added.Dick Giromini, president and chief executive at semi-trailer maker Wabash National, said his company has been forced to start its own welding program to help solve the skills gap problem.There is a perception that manufacturing is not as sexy an industry as some others, like in the computer industry, Giromini noted.According to the news outlet, as many as 600,000 manufacturing jobs were unfilled in 2011 due to a lack of qualified candidates.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for welders are expected to increase by 17% through 2020.

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