How to Land a Management-Level Job

How to Land a Management-Level Job

As a job hunter, your goals are very specific: you want to be hired into a management position and then help your new company succeed. Whether you’re already working in management or you’re applying for your first management position, there are a few ways to maximize your chances of getting hired as the boss. Read on and learn how to show employers you have what it takes to be an integral part of their future.

1. Build Your Educational Background

One of the first things that employers will look at when it comes to management candidates is whether or not you have the necessary educational background. If you’ve never taken any business management courses, enroll in an online or community college class as soon as possible.

You should also consider taking courses that add to your functional career knowledge base as well. For example, technology sales professionals should have an educational background in computer technology if they want to be in management.

2. Be Personable

Managers need to be able to connect and communicate with the people who work for them. That means that you need good people skills to be an effective manager. 

Read blogs on the art of discourse, or simply engage in more conversations. Sometimes, putting yourself in new social settings and talking to more people is the best (and fastest) way to improve your communication skills.

3. Have a Command of Your Job

If you want to be hired as a manager, then you need to do much more than just know your job. You need to be an expert in your industry who has a command of your job duties and an understanding of the jobs that directly affect your productivity. To be hired as a manager, you need to gain as much experience as possible for the job you’ll be asked to do and the jobs of those you will affect as well.

4. Learn to Ask Questions

Any company is going to be wary of a management-level candidate who doesn’t ask questions. Managers should constantly be asking questions of their subordinates and the people they report to. The only way to learn and become a better manager is to ask a lot of questions.

5. Be Interesting

A manager is someone who has a certain amount of control over the future of a company. When it comes to interviewing managerial candidates, companies enjoy talking to interesting people. Candidates who have innovative ideas on management and who have forward-thinking opinions on the things that directly affect their careers are the kinds of candidates who get hired for managerial positions.

6. Be Open to Criticism

If you think that you took a lot of criticism as an employee, then wait until you become a manager. A good manager knows how to properly process criticism and use it to become better at what they do. Managers get plenty of opinions when they’re doing their jobs, so it always helps to be open to the comments and use them to your advantage.

7. Be Decisive

Interviewing for a management-level job means being involved in a lot of interviews with a variety of different people. Each and every person you talk to will be waiting to see how you react to the questions you’re asked. Managers can’t afford to be indecisive, so it’s important to give firm and well-developed answers if you want to get the job.

Write a Perfect Cover Letter & Resume

Managers are smart, serious workers who generally have a lot of experience in their industry. That means they can tell a good candidate from a great one. So if you want to impress the manager’s reviewing your application, make sure your cover letter and resume truly stand out from the crowd. LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder and Resume Builder will help you do exactly that. After all, even the smallest typo could send the wrong message and lose you the job offer.

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