What is Job Satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is more than just a dream. Results of job satisfaction surveys show that fulfillment in the workplace can be aspired to and achieved. It means waking up and finding joy and a sense of purpose in your day-to-day, on-the-job activities The sources of workplace contentment varies from person to person, but there are common factors that impact your level of enjoyment. They include positive co-worker relationships, how you handle opportunities for advancement, appropriate work-life balance and, not least of all, whether you receive fair compensation.

How can taking a test help me?

In times such as these when employment is hard to come by and levels of discontent are sinking ever lower, finding more fulfillment is still important. Our free test is scientifically validated to help you measure what impacts your sense of purpose, your promotion status and even your salary. Studies show that employment unhappiness can create stress that is detrimental to one’s personal health and well-being. It also is the number one predictor of whether you are happy with your life in general.

What factors determine if I am happy at work?

Contentment in the workplace is determined by 19 different factors, such as Job Security, Recognition, Workload, Challenge, and Autonomy. Based on your responses, you will receive a personalized guide tailored specifically to your circumstances to help you feel more fulfilled. Your report will show:

  • Specific elements that contribute to your overall happiness;
  • How your contentment compares to others;
  • The five greatest factors that make you unhappy and how to make positive changes in these areas; and
  • Transform Their Passion into a Winning Business Idea
  • Different ways to feel more rewarded.
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How can our questionnaire help you?

Our questionnaire draws on the science of happiness, known as Positive Psychology, to develop your customized report. Your personalized report will give you the tools you need to increase your level of contentment, offers suggestions on how to avoid making mistakes, and identifies options to help you achieve the highest level of workplace happiness possible.

Explore our test options

Below are some of the free tests and reports we offer:

  • Aptitude Test - predicts an individual's innate or learned potential to perform a particular set of tasks or work.
  • Education Test - helps individuals decide whether to go back to school or get a campus or online degree.
  • Start A Business test - assesses to what degree an individual's personality matches the profile of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Career Interest Test - predicts an individual's innate or learned potential to perform a particular set of tasks or work.
  • Resume Test - evaluates the quality of one's resume and suggests how it can be improved through better resume templates, resume writing, and the development of a cover letter.
  • Salary Calculator - while not a test, employment compensation tools assess wages and salaries across a broad spectrum of jobs, industries and locations, providing valuable career advice and facilitating career development to the individual in career change.
  • Job Satisfaction Test - measures an individual's contentment with their job or chosen profession.
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