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Account managers ensure positive relations are kept between your business and your clients. This entails educating clients about how a product should be used and creating sales pitches about why a client should hire your company. Account managers should constantly be searching for new clientele and analyzing sales reports to find room for improvement.

Prior experience working in a managerial position and a bachelor’s degree are necessary for this work. Job applicants should also have an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

Valuable skills also need to be stated in your account manager job description. A good trait to see is the ability to give presentations. Great customer service skills are also advantageous.

Account Manager Job Description Template

Job Summary

Our clientele is the heart and soul of our company, enabling us to achieve success. As an account manager, your primary responsibility will be to maintain positive client relations and ensure their needs are met in a way that is sustainable and beneficial. If you are someone who embraces the challenge of seeking out new clients and then marketing and selling our product and our brand, then we are looking for you. Your ability to facilitate communication, contribute ideas about product differentiation, and operate as a liaison between our clients and our company’s leaders, will directly affect our success in the industry. If you see yourself as someone who enjoys working with people, learning about new products, and maintaining strong relationships, then you are a great candidate for this job.

Job Responsibilities

  • Act as the primary liaison between clients and management to relay communication and translate information to ensure common understanding.
  • Educate clients on product information including function, specifications, purpose, and developments in product design.
  • Create and confidently give a sales pitch that highlights the superiority of our product and builds brand awareness.
  • Maintain an initiative to discover and attract new clients in a manner that is professional, efficient, and honest.
  • Manage your time and schedule to maximize your ability to visit current clients while maintaining strong relationships and ensuring needs are met in a timely manner.
  • Provide insight and contribute creative and strategic ideas about product improvements, marketing campaigns, and relationship management.
  • Gather, analyze, and report important data relating to sales statistics and quarterly sales reports, and maintain an organized database of aforementioned analytics.
  • Upsell compatible products to clients and show them how certain products can enhance the success they already have.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum of five years working in a managerial role
  • Exceptional sales and presentation skills
  • Superior communication skills
  • Experience in customer service or customer relations
  • Understanding of Microsoft Office Suite

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