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Certified lifeguards are responsible for pool safety at all times. They are required to keep accurate records of pool activities, to enforce safety rules and regulations, and to monitor water conditions. Most importantly, they are responsible for rescuing swimmers in distress and providing appropriate medical intervention in the form of basic first aid, CPR or AED administration.

Candidates should be conscientious observers and quick to react in emergency situations, which should be clearly indicated on your certified lifeguard job description. Lifeguards should exhibit the physical endurance necessary to meet the challenges of the position. Excellent decision making and judgement skills should also be emphasized.

To become certified, lifeguards must complete the American Red Cross lifeguard and first aid certification program. Candidates must be a minimum of 16 years of age and either in high school or a high school graduate. Strong communication skills and customer service work experience are helpful.

Certified Lifeguard Job Description Template

Job Summary

Are you a strong swimmer with lifeguard certification and a commitment to safety in and around the pool? We are looking for responsible individuals who have what it takes to be certified lifeguards in our pool complex. You must have stellar observational skills and react quickly and take action if someone is in distress. You may be put into a situation where someone’s life depends on your decisions and actions. As a certified lifeguard, your primary responsibility is to promote a safe, clean and fun environment in all our pools and other water-based facilities so everyone can feel comfortable and safe during their time here.

Job Responsibilities

Maintain the record of safety for the pool complex at all times by enforcing all posted rules, monitoring swimmers and guests in and out of the water, and redirecting guests when rules are not being followed.

Respond immediately when a person is in trouble in the water by rescuing him or her, giving first aid, performing CPR or other lifesaving measures and notifying emergency services when needed.

Ensure the pool area and water are kept clean and free from hazards by checking chemical water conditions and water equipment for problems every hour.

Update guests when there is an issue with the water or other pool facilities in order to keep everyone’s health and safety a priority.

Supervise monthly swimming tests for guests to demonstrate readiness for certain areas of the pool.

Recommend swimming programs and classes to guests based on questions asked or guest activities at the pool.

Provide support to swim instructors and pool activity leaders during swimming lessons or water exercise classes when necessary.

Job Skills & Qualifications

    Completion of American Red Cross lifeguard and first aid certification
  • Must be at least 16 years old and either a high school student or graduate
  • Excellent judgment and decision-making skills
  • Should demonstrate physical endurance to perform the duties of the position
  • Experience working in a customer service environment
  • Strong communication ability

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