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Home aides assist patients with bathing, dressing and other related daily tasks in addition to performing fundamental health services, such as checking patient vitals. The job might require some light housekeeping, helping patients schedule appointments and helping patients remain social. Usually, aides work according to specific regulations.

It's common for home aides to turn and lift clients, so you might want to mention a need for applicants with proper physical stamina in your home aide job description. Additional common job qualities include being detail-oriented to follow all necessary instructions.

Aides need to be able to form solid relationships with their patients. Depending on the position, applicants might also need to be properly certified and trained to adequately perform their jobs.

Home Aide Job Description Template

Job Summary

A career as a home aide allows you to use your desire to work with people, your ability to handle stressful situations and your wish to make a difference in the world of those you work with. You are given the freedom and flexibility to travel to the homes of those who require your help with basic tasks, and afford them dignity and comfort when they need it most. As a home aide, give patients the opportunity to remain in their homes even as minimal tasks become more difficult. Join us in our regular educational conferences to stay up-to-date on the best in technology and methods for patient care. Start a fulfilling job as a home aide today.

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor patients by observing mental and physical condition, output and intake, and ability to exercise.
  • Provide support for patients with laundry services, basic housekeeping, completing household tasks or grocery shopping.
  • Prepare and serve meals to patients, providing them with a relaxing environment in which they can enjoy their meal and your company.
  • Help with basic hygiene tasks as they become more difficult for the patient, including dressing, bathing and grooming.
  • Teach family members appropriate ways to turn, re-position and lift the patient when necessary, and offer education regarding cleanliness, housekeeping and nutrition for times when you are gone.
  • Offer patients the opportunity to care for themselves by providing them with special utensils that allow them to eat on their own, special equipment and techniques for personal hygiene and a walker or cane that allows them to move on their own.
  • Keep the patient’s environment safe, secure and healthy through every interaction by conforming to standard operating procedures and following nutrition and dietary guidelines.
  • Create new, innovative ways to improve company processes and patient care.

Job Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Competency evaluation
  • Formal training that meets state standards
  • Experience working as a home aide
  • Flexible schedule and ability to travel

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