Security Guard Job Description Writing and Posting in 3 Easy Steps

Use this professional created Security Guard job description example to gain some inspiration on how to best craft your job description.

Security guards are often an organization’s first line of defense against theft, violence, or rule infraction. On a broader level, they protect property and premises – sometimes patrolling large areas and other times assuming a stationary post and monitoring activities from there.

When it comes to creating an effective security guard job description, you’ll want to draw attention to the following qualities and skills: decision-making skills, physical strength, patience, and observational skills.

What’s more, many states require security guards to be registered with the state in which they’re employed, and if you’re position requires that these professionals carry a weapon, you will also need to call for potential hires to be registered with the correct government authority.

Security Guard Job Description Template

Job Summary

Do you have a desire to maintain a safe and secure environment? Join our team as a security guard and utilize your excellent conflict management skills to handle any disturbances that might occur, be they altercations, unapproved guests or theft. You will use your strong attention to detail as you monitor guests and employees as they enter and leave the premises while also regularly reviewing security monitors and walking along the grounds to discover any potential issues. Foster team unity as you work closely with other members of the security staff and develop a rapport with the rest of the personnel as you keep them safe. Your strong communication skills will also be exercised as you greet visitors to the building.

Job Responsibilities

  • Investigate potential security breaches, including answering any alarms, to ensure the safety of the grounds.



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