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Fitness trainers are key team members of a health club who encourage and coach members. They may lead group exercise classes for cardiovascular health, or they may focus on individual fitness training with one client at a time. In a one-on-one setting, fitness trainers focus on teaching clients how to perform particular exercises correctly. They pay attention to form, safety and effectiveness.

In your fitness trainer job description, you should indicate whether the job requires certification in fitness training. It is also recommended to ask for certification in CPR and first aid for this position. Effective fitness trainers should also demonstrate their own physical fitness by being able to perform all exercises and physical activities.

Fitness trainers should also have effective communication and customer service skills. The ability to motivate is also an essential part of being a successful fitness trainer.

Fitness Trainer Job Description Template

Job Summary

We pride ourselves on creating a safe and comfortable environment in which our clients can work out and achieve their fitness goals. Join our team as a fitness trainer and create personalized fitness programs that work with clients’ current physical abilities while helping them achieve their dreams. As an energetic and personable individual, you will motivate your clients while instructing them on the proper use of exercise machines and providing tips on proper body movements so that they get the most out of their workouts and minimize their risk of injury. You will be an important part of a team that works together to provide the best exercise experience.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide individual assistance in exercises and create workout plans that help clients achieve their personal fitness goals and increase their health and well-being.
  • Lead classes in various exercises such as yoga, Pilates, weight training and others, and ensure participants use proper movement to avoid injury.
  • Train clients in the proper use of machinery, and correct posture during exercise for maximum benefit and to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Encourage clients to maintain their fitness plans and reach their fitness goals, monitoring and adapting the program when needed.
  • Enforce safety rules and guidelines, especially on exercise machinery, to reduce the number of accidents and keep clients safe.
  • Administer first aid as needed, including wrapping injuries or sterilizing minor wounds, and refer clients to physicians when necessary.
  • Coordinate with other trainers, physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists and others to provide the best care possible for each client.
  • Educate clients about other lifestyle changes they can make to maximize their fitness, including quitting smoking and eating a healthy diet.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • High school diploma, college degree preferred
  • Nationally certified training certification
  • Current CPR/First Aid certification
  • 2-5 years' experience as a trainer
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Coursework in sports nutrition

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