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Electrical engineers work on maintaining, upgrading and designing electrical power systems. Some may also be involved in installation and quality control. Analyzing customer needs and evaluating existing systems is a common part of an electrical engineer's day.

Math and writing are both key to being an electrical engineer. Computation is involved in creating and checking electrical systems, and writing is necessary to create troubleshooting and maintenance manuals. For large projects, interpersonal and communication skills are also important.

Electrical engineer positions span entry-level and management, so electrical engineer job descriptions should specify where this position is in the department hierarchy. Other important requirements to include are certification, education and experience.

Electrical Engineer Job Description Template

Job Summary

Technology is moving at an unprecedented speed, and there are new developments every day. As an electrical engineer, you have the knowledge and expertise to be at the forefront of these developments. We have the environment and resources to put you there. Our engineering department is currently hiring for an electrical engineer to develop and lead our internal projects. The right candidate is as passionate as he or she is professional, and is invested in truly pioneering new technologies. If you want to work on a team where this is the daily environment, submit an application with your resume today. We want enthusiastic and engaged electrical engineers working with us.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop new applications and products to resolve the various problems and challenges that pop up relating to the electrical engineering of new products.
  • Create unique electrical solutions for systems, networks and products internally and for clientele while using creative and analytical problem-solving techniques.
  • Implement protocol for dealing with the various challenges related to electrical hardware, software, wiring and production.
  • Collect data regarding performance and effectiveness in order to identify needs for improvement and approaches for addressing electrical problems.
  • Repair damaged or malfunctioning equipment in order to restore function and deliver expedient resolution to issues.
  • Collaborate within the department and with clients as well to develop new approaches to projects and applications of electrical tools.
  • Apply skills and knowledge relating to electrical engineering to innovate new products and create viable solutions for products and processes.
  • Maintain client satisfaction by providing necessary solutions to problems that arise through electrical adjustment or repair.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or technical degree in a related field
  • Superior ability to read and understand technical manuals
  • Minimum of two years’ experience modeling electronics
  • Familiarity with systems analysis and design
  • EIT licensure status
  • Certification in PE or IEEE, or experience with Revit

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