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Use this professional created Customer Service Manager job description example to gain some inspiration on how to best craft your job description.

The responsibilities of customer service managers can vary greatly from one day to the next. They complete employee performance reviews, ensure the working environment remains safe and work with customers in need of assistance. They also establish objectives the company should meet months and years down the line.

As far as education, managers only need a high school diploma. However, prior experience working as a customer service representative is vital for understanding the various tasks associated with the role.

Your customer service manager job description should also state that the person you are looking for needs to be a problem solver. A manager should also be personable and able to work with a wide range of personalities.

Customer Service Manager Job Description Template

Job Summary

As a customer service manager, you will have the unique ability to work with customers as well as our employees to ensure that both are happy. You will have the interesting opportunity to resolve problems with customers while keeping employees calm and engaged at the same time. You can implement your friendly nature, your problem-solving ability and your desire to produce results as a customer service manager over a team of employees. As you manage your staff, you will be asked to come up with innovative, unique problem-solving solutions and procedures to ensure that the needs of both the staff and the customers are being met. You will be able to continue the work you enjoy with customers while expanding your job into managing and working with customer service representatives.

Job Responsibilities

  • Complete human resource objectives for customer service on a constant basis, including recruiting, orienting, selecting, assigning, counseling, coaching, scheduling and disciplining employees.
  • Communicate job expectations and plan, monitor, appraise and review contributions of every employee when time permits.
  • Plan and review compensation actions and enforce policies and procedures to guarantee that the work environment is safe and secure to improve company morale.
  • Work with stressed, irate customers and stay calm and polite even in tense, emotional situations, remembering that customers are important to our business.
  • Set customer service objectives by meeting with customers and staff on a regular basis, forecasting requirements to meet financial objectives.
  • Update all customer service information on a regular basis to keep departments ready for review at all times.
  • Determine system improvements, identify customer service trends and always be willing to implement change to improve the environment as well as the product the customer is getting.
  • Provide technical advice, help desk resources, solutions and new techniques on a consistent basis, even while dealing with technological problems and breakdowns.

Job Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Experience working as a customer service representative
  • Ability to complete 2-3 weeks of training
  • Bachelor’s degree in a customer service related field
  • Flexible schedule
  • Experience managing other employees

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