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A teller is tasked with handling bank transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals. A teller might also prepare a savings bond, traveler's check or another type of specialized fund. Tellers are also responsible for making note of their transactions.

Tellers should have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent, but you might indicate in your teller job description that you prefer applicants who have at least completed college-level courses. There might also be specific computer software you use that you'd like applicants to be familiar with.

One of the most essential qualities of a teller is being customer-service oriented. He or she should also pay close attention to details to ensure accuracy, and possess basic math skills.

Teller Job Description Template

Job Summary

Do you want a job where you can help people meet their financial goals? This may be the position for you, as long as you enjoy working with people. As a teller, you would be on the front lines of customer service for us, greeting our clients and making them feel special. Five tenets comprise our mission, and they are: engaging clients, meeting needs, serving with quality, exceeding expectations, and smiling while working. We believe in treating our employees like we treat our clients, which is why we provide excellent compensation, money for continuing education, and a team-based environment in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Job Responsibilities

  • Greet clients pleasantly and inquire as to how you can help them. This includes looking for opportunities to identify client needs to cross-sell products and services (e.g., CDs, savings accounts in addition to checking accounts, U.S. Treasury bonds, home mortgage packages, other loan packages), and referring clients to the appropriate personnel when necessary.
  • Operate drive-through and inside transaction windows in a cheerful and polite manner.
  • Process saving and checking account deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.
  • Resolve and troubleshoot customer issues such as inability to access accounts or questions about fees and charges.
  • Follow security policies and procedures such as client confidentiality, money safety, and opening and closing processes.
  • Record information for each transaction and upload data using online portals.
  • Execute miscellaneous tasks on an as-needed basis; they typically include duties such as answering the telephone, processing mail, and balancing ATMs.
  • Perform all duties in a professional and friendly manner while upholding a high level of ethics.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Minimum of 6 months’ experience in customer service or bank telling
  • Ability to effectively handle and balance cash
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds and stand for long periods of time
  • Experience in sales

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