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Finance managers perform essential duties to ensure the financial viability of an organization. They manage investment activities, create financial reports, and develop long-term financial plans for the organization. They supervise employees in the finance and budgeting departments of the organization. They also generally serve as advisors to top business executives.

A good finance manager job description includes education and training requirements, including CFA certification or a bachelor's degree in finance, economics, accounting, or business administration. In addition to this background, finance managers should possess analytical skills to help executives make important decisions.

Finance managers deal with complex information from various sources, so an ideal candidate will have strong organizational skills. Attention to detail is an important skill for preparing and analyzing financial reports.

Finance Manager Job Description Template

Job Summary

Our company is searching for an outstanding finance manager, but really we’re hoping to find someone who’s so much more. If you’re truly the right candidate for this job, you’ll be able to bring a deep understanding of the numbers side of a business in addition to a passion for applying that knowledge to solving the problems of our customers and making sure key members of your team as well as the company’s executive team are on the same page. In return for your hard work and passion, we’ll provide everything you need to succeed at our company and promising opportunities for growth and a life-long career at a stable, dependable company. Additionally, we offer attractive compensation and benefits packages, in addition to opportunities for career advancement.

Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare regular financial presentations for the company’s executive members and create any specific reporting views or reports as requested by key leadership.
  • Generate a comprehensive and useful financial presentation format and standardize reporting across finance team.
  • Manage coordination of presentations during monthly budget meetings and quarterly budget meetings.
  • Create financial projections for the company and explain the significance of the numbers to executive team members.
  • Engage with financial planning activities and suggest financial goals based on regular review of finances, and track progress toward those goals using financial software.
  • Lead and coach a team of financial analysts, and foster an environment where innovation is encouraged, success is a normal occurrence, and key talent is motivated to stay at and contribute to our company.
  • Show initiative and passion for finance and suggest ways to cut costs and increase the efficiency and efficacy of company budgets.
  • Complete other financial projects as needed or as requested by leadership.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Three to five years’ experience in financial leadership positions
  • Three to five years’ experience managing others
  • Advanced Excel proficiency
  • B.A. in Business, Finance, Economics or a related field
  • M.A. or higher degree in Business, Finance Economics or a related field

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