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Those working in accounting are responsible for preparing accurate financial documents and reviewing financial statements. They also prepare and file tax returns and manage budgets. Depending on organizational structure, they may recommend best practices and make budget management suggestions.

Your accounting job description should indicate the necessary education, which is usually at minimum a bachelor’s degree, and should also note CPA licensure if needed. Accounting involves collecting, organizing and reviewing data as well as calculating and predicting. Because accounting is so precise, those in this field must be detail oriented. They should be critical thinkers with strong analytical skills.

In addition to technical skills, mention important personality traits for accounting work. Those in accounting must have good communication and interpersonal skills because they will be expected to present reports and findings to diverse audiences.

Accounting Job Description Template

Job Summary

If you love solving mathematical problems, have an eye for detail and enjoy balancing your checkbook, we could use your expertise in our office as accounting clerk. We count on our dedicated team members in the financial department to keep our budget balanced and maintain accurate records of all the company's transactions. Work with experienced accounting professionals and use current software to track and record expense data, complete research and reconcile any discrepancies in both accounts payable and accounts receivable. Experience the challenge and satisfaction of creating and controlling a budget for single departments and the entire company. Become a valued member of our team and foster relationships with numerous departments while making vital contributions to our company's success.

Job Responsibilities

  • Complete daily bookkeeping journal entries for multiple accounts, including outgoing and incoming payments and other transactions.
  • Prepare detailed budget reports by collecting and analyzing statistical data regarding expenses paid and monies received on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Compare expenditure documents with accounts payable invoices as needed to verify accuracy, reconcile discrepancies and initiate payments.
  • Perform accounts receivable duties on an as-needed basis, including calculating profit and loss statements and verifying contracts with billing documents.
  • Communicate with various departments during audits relating to expenses, payments, customer accounts, budget tracking and correction of inaccurate transactions.
  • Review current accounting procedures and responsibilities, and make appropriate changes according to new laws, standards and requirements.
  • Assist in creating, tracking and controlling departmental budgets on an as-needed basis.
  • Act as a timekeeping officer by tracking hours worked, paid vacation time and overtime requests. Assign the proper code to each line item and prepare payroll documents during every pay cycle.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Computer literacy including Microsoft Windows applications
  • Strong problem-solving and mathematical skills
  • Dedication to teamwork and ability to communicate calmly and effectively
  • University degree in a related field
  • Previous accounting work experience including proficiency with accounting software

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