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Jeffersonville Jobs At A Glance

Jeffersonville At A Glance

The county seat of Clark County, Jeffersonville, lies at the very southernmost tip of the state of Indiana. Jeffersonville, referred to locally as simply ‘Jeff’, is a city of 44,953 residents as of the 2010 census. It lies just over the Kentucky border north of Louisville, and is separated from its southern neighbor by the Ohio River. Among other industries, Jeffersonville is home to the National Processing Center, where the United States Bureau of the Census houses its data. Looking for jobs in Jeffersonville? Read on for a comprehensive outlook on the economy, professional prospects and popular occupations of the area.

Job Market in Jeffersonville

Job Market in Jeffersonville

Low unemployment rates and no shortage of commerce combine to make the Jeffersonville-Louisville area a great place to look for jobs. The Clark County unemployment rate is 4 percent, compared to the national average of 5.3 percent. Trade, transportation and utilities is by far the top performing industry, followed by education and health services. Professional and business services ranks third, and increased 3.6 percent between 2014-2015. Government positions and manufacturing industries round out the top five employing sectors in the area. The major occupations in Jeffersonville are physical laborers and movers of freight and materials, followed by food prep and service workers. The average weekly wage for the area is $929, just slightly lower than the national average of $1,048.

Resume Tips For Jeffersonville Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Jeffersonville  Jobseekers

A resume is a convenient, succinct and universal way to condense a life’s work into one piece of paper. Before you get too overwhelmed with the task at hand, read the following pieces of advice for newbies and seasoned resume experts alike.
1. Include a headline at the top of your resume that reads like a sales pitch and summarizes or brands you to the reader in just one line.
2. At minimum, your resume should include your name and contact information at the top, followed by your educational history and your professional experience in the order in which they are important.
3. Swamped with too much work experience? Cut out any jobs older than 15-20 years and eliminate any jobs that only involve skills you no longer desire to use.
4. Use bullet points as much as possible to shorten and structure your descriptions, saving longer sentences and thoughts for your cover letter.
5. It’s no longer considered necessary to include your home or mailing address on your resume, largely due to the rise of identity theft.

How to Find Jobs in Jeffersonville

How to Find Jobs in Jeffersonville

A job hunt in Jeffersonville is only as good as the plan that precedes it. Lay out a comprehensive structure for your job search in order to give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job, and don’t forget to follow these tips.
1. Finding a job in the ‘new normal economy’ requires more than just a complete application and some references. It requires making bold moves and being proactive, such as emailing out your cover letter and resume to relevant hiring managers in your area.
2. After recessions like the recent economy collapse, it is all important to make connections with hiring managers face to face, as well as virtually. Set up meetings with local companies and try to get as much face time and conversation as possible with those in charge.
3. Are you being shy about your job search? Replace your hesitance with confidence in order to make a winning impression on your potential employers. Self-assertion and outgoing characteristics are what managers look for in their employees.
4. Use LinkedIn as well as your personal network of contacts to find out as much as possible about a company before you interview with them. Doing your research beforehand is usually a rewarding use of time as it shows your commitment to the company.
5. Seeking meaningful work takes a lot of energy. Make sure to turn some of that job hunting inertia inwards, focusing on what it is you are really searching for in a job, and what you are willing to do to find it.