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Jeffersontown Jobs At A Glance

Jeffersontown At A Glance

Jeffersontown is a western suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. It’s home to over 26,000 people according to the 2010 Census, and it’s easily accessible via Interstate 64. Prospective residents can expect a lower cost of living as compared to the rest of the nation, and the primary industries have added more jobs over the past year. To help you better understand the market, here’s some information about salaries, major employers and how to look for jobs in Jeffersontown.

Job Market in Jeffersontown

Job Market in Jeffersontown

Jeffersontown has experienced steady growth since 1966 when the Bluegrass Commerce Park was completed. It was the first of its kind in the United States and is currently home to over 850 businesses. The Louisville unemployment rate has dropped over the past year from 4.9 percent to 4.2, which is considerably lower than national rate of 5.3. The average weekly wage across all industries is $884. The average American earns slightly more, with $1,048 in annual income. Retail is the area’s largest industry followed by education, healthcare and business services. Jeffersontown also serves as headquarters for Papa John’s Pizza.

Resume Tips For Jeffersontown Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Jeffersontown  Jobseekers

Use good judgment when crafting your resume for jobs in Jeffersontown, and don’t be afraid to customize it to each employer. Here are some tips.
1. Be straightforward. Employers appreciate applicants with a solid objective. If you use a qualifications summary, state your purpose in as few words as possible. Likewise, highlight your accomplishments but don’t embellish your work history. Simply put, never lie on a resume.
2. Start with a template. Choose an appropriate style for your occupation and construct your resume from there. Just be sure to keep it clean, and avoid going overboard with styles and fonts.
3. Use accomplished-focused language. This means leaving out phrases like “work responsibilities” or “duties included. ” Use action verbs that explain how you carried out your assignments and exceeded expectations.
4. Don’t leave off dates. Hiring managers expect to see how long you were with your previous employers. Omitting this information usually raises a red flag.
5. List in reverse chronological order. Start with your most recent job or education. If you’ve been out of school for a year or more, it’s best to list your degree information below your professional work history.

How to Find Jobs in Jeffersontown

How to Find Jobs in Jeffersontown

As you begin searching for jobs in Jeffersontown, take some time to evaluate your goals and skills. Here are some general tips to help you find the right position.
1. Start with a plan. Whether you’re changing companies or careers, decide up front what specific type of role you’re looking for. If you’re more interested in a particular company, do some research to identify where you can most effectively transfer your skills.
2. Create a database. Keep a notepad or a smartphone with you at all times. It’s important to document your entire job search, including the date you sent in each resume, who you spoke with and any important details you discussed.
3. Network. Talk to everyone you know, including friends, family members and past coworkers. Then, branch out through professional associations and career fairs. Don’t be afraid to ask people about their own jobs in Jeffersontown. A referral is an excellent way to get your foot in the door.
4. Practice interviewing. Whether you rehearse to yourself or in front of a friend, do some verbal practice with interview questions. This gets you in the zone and helps prevent you from stumbling on your words during the interview.
5. Follow up and be patient. If you haven’t heard back about an application after one week, it’s ok to politely follow up. Just remember that the process takes time. Be willing to wait, and show respect for each employer’s timeline.