Do you prefer to work by yourself or in a team? (Bad & Good Answers)

I definitely prefer to work by myself. ... I hate to say it, but team projects, team projects are generally a waste of time. And I find that when I take orders should the whole process and my end results are always better. ... just have yourself so many different opinions, so many squabbles and I feel like I have a pretty good attitude but the people I worked with can be so negative. So, in general, team projects just dont work and I prefer to work by myself. I would say that I enjoy working by myself and as part of a team pretty much equally. ... I enjoyed taking lot independent projects and really kindda just nice focus time working on my own but in a certain point I always want to put my head together with other people and get some feedback on my process and I always find that my end results is better when I get input and feedback about the process. So let's say, I enjoy both pretty much equally.

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