Why did you choose your major in college? (Bad & Good Answers)

BAD ANSWER Well ... let's see, I really like people so before I declared my major I was kind of doubling in Psychology, in communications classes and my Advisor was kind of like "You know what, as long as you have a degree it doesn't really matter what your major is. So you better pick one ... 'cause I was kind of running out of time and so I decided since I have so many Psychology units already I might as well choose that as my major. So, yeah! That's why I'm in Psychology. GOOD ANSWER Well, I've always been really interested in how people think and learning about how they make different decisions and so I was not truelly drawn to Psychology. ... When I did this project where we surveyed people about sales and advertising and how they fix what they buy and that was really interesting to me. So I'm really excited to be going into the Marketing Industry.

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