What would you bring to our team? (Bad & Good Answers)

So in college ... I did a lot of theater and ... it was something I really enjoy. I put a lot of different roles and got a lot of in different experiences from the roles and I always remember ... the department head was really ... was really inspiring and ... she was used to say as the saying goes "The show must go on". ... and the team really took that and ran with it. We had a lot of good ... productions and ... a lot of committed team players. ... I think of myself as a very committed team player and I would definitely bring that to your team. To me leadership is mostly about finding where my skills fit in and where they're needed. One example of this was in college I stepped in as into a leadership position for my drama society's holiday show and ... someone got sick and there was an opening so I stepped it in putting a holiday show in a pretty short time frame and I was really proud of that but more than that I was just passionate about the project and I really enjoyed it. So to me, what I bring to the team is that quality of leadership that stems from finding where my skills fit in to the needs.

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