What are the tools you’re most comfortable using? (Bad & Good Answers)

… oh … I love talking on the telephone. I am fantastic on the telephone. It feels like I have that thing glued to my ear I absolutely love it. I’m on email all the time. I’m always checking my email. I got it on my phone, on my computer am I really good with all banner computer stuff. I was like a highschool computer wiz am I pretty sure anything that you guys want me to do … I will be able to operate it. I am proficient with everything in microsoft office suites. … I used all the regular technologies that your scanners and fax and printers … I am mac checked out I am completely checked out on PCs. I’ve made lots of powerpoint presentations. I really love doing that both in powerpoint and in key note. Im proficient with excel spreedsheets and have used them for accounting and for project management. I’ve worked in google docs. I’ve worked with lots of freelancer timekeeping software. In anything else that you come up with I am pretty sure that I can handle it.

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