Tell me what you know about our company. (Bad & Good Answers)

.. .Let’s see, I know that, I know about your mission as a publication and I I do read the magazine and I really appreciated your coverage of the election. I thought that was was very comprehensive.. . I also know.. .I also know that you’re looking for a new writer to join your staff. Let’s see, I know that you have been around for more than 20 years as a publication. I know that you recently won an award for your coverage of gender issues in the US and i also know that your mission is more generally to promote the conversation around gender and gender inequality in the US and internationally as well. I also know that you’re looking into revamping your website.. .and expanding your online presence which is something that I’m really interested.

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What are your salary expectations? (Bad & Good Answers)



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How old are you? (Bad and Good Answers)



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