Tell me about a time you took on a leadership role. (Bad & Good Answers)

Yah, leadership roles. I was a great leader. Im a natural born leader. For example, in my Computer Science classes, whenever we have group projects, I was always the leader. It make the most sense. Not everyone liked how I worked. They say that I was bossy this and that but we did the job get done. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. We got an A and I learned that you know when you have dead weight on the team you really have to just made a put a slack of it. Im a natural born leader. So, on my previous job, I volunteer to take on the leadership role for a pretty much esteemed that improved the Q and A process. When I started, I was a junior member on the team and I found out that the Q and A process was really slow and inefficient. … I talk to a couple of people and everyone pretty much agreed that it needed improvement. So, what we did was we pull a couple of members from different teams, product, release, development, and we went through it, went over any issues we had and kindda talked it out and … we came out with something and we present it to higher ups. … They liked it and over the next couple of months we actually got everything implemented … most things … In the end, the Q and A process was more efficient, faster and upon release they were less bugs so … it ended well.

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