What other kinds of jobs have you been looking for? (Bad & Good Answers)

oh my god … so may like you wouldnt believe … lots and lots of administrative stuff anything at the mall … summer section jobs at doctors office and dentist office at the vet … really anything that is just gets me in and out that I dont have to think about to much and … pays the bills … this place ofcourse you know you guys have a really good reputation … so be awsome to have this on my resume if got to work here. Well I applied for some administra administrative positions but ive been pretty selective the main thing on my mind is I wanna smallish company that has values their like mine and that helps me establish a good work life balance thats what Im looking for and ill take my time to find it.

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What are your salary expectations? (Bad & Good Answers)



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How old are you? (Bad and Good Answers)



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