Describe what skills or qualities are important when dealing with customers. Give me an example where you had to use these skills. (Bad & Good Answers)

...Good customer service is really just about patience...the customer wants to vent just let them vent a little know...sometimes they come in and they only note on about the product but they were still opinionated so just let them go on, I mean, one time I was working and this lady just comes in and she starts yelling at me out of nowhere...I let her go on and on but when she is done I just told her someone has gonna help you know...but if i got impatient with her, you know, I might've gotten upset most of the customer. Customer service is all an attitude really, if you're monotoned, boring, have a weird tone, customer has gonna feel the same way, but if you're happy, you're vibrant, the customer has got to feed off that a lot and knowing the product share is great but I feel like making a connection with the customer is even better and that help me out in the past with making a sale and closing the deals quite a lot.

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