What was your greatest strength as a student? (Bad & Good Answers)

Well, I am a team player so my greatest strength in school was during group work in Psychology there is so many group projects I feel like every class had two or three group projects and so I was really good at those ... am good at working with people and my groups are always really good ... i've seen some other groups like crash and burn but it never happened to me though. So it was really fun for me and I always had really good groups. Like people wanted to be in my group. Coz I was so good. I would definitely have to say my organizational and time management skills I had to juggle going to school full time with a full time job and I just really do not have a lot of time to waste so I would have to plan everything really carefully like during finals I've been planning things to the minute and my roommates thought that it was crazy but actually it really worked for me and it was the only way that I could ever get anything done. I never missed deadlines or you know turn things in late so ... it was good for me and I think that ..these skills would be really useful in marketing position because I know that there's so many deadlines and things to juggle so I really be good at it.

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